The saying, “Beauty is skin deep” is actually a fallacy, IT GOES FAR DEEPER THAN THAT. On average a person lathers, sprays and rubs more than 10 different skin care products on his or her body every day and since our skin acts more like a sponge than a barrier, we absorb up to 100 chemicals per day. Most believe that as the creams and lotions are approved by some sort of governing body they must be safe.

Take into account that a women wears makeup every single day, cleanses her skin at least once a day, moisturises possibly twice a day and then also removes her makeup once a day. How many different products is she using? And how many chemicals per day is she absorbing through her skin.

Almost 90% of the approximately 10 000 skin care products have been manufactured with chemical formulations and/or artificial colorants and fragrances. They may smell divine and look amazing, but what are they truly doing to your body?

Many of these artificial ingredients are known to disrupt hormone levels, causing infertility issues, initiating thyroid issues, gland issues Etc… Etc… The list is very long and sometimes very frightening.

So knowing that complex chemicals with the unknown potential side effects can be extremely harmful, it should lead us to follow the Precautionary principle. IF YOU CANNOT DIGEST IT, DO NOT USE IT ON YOUR SKIN!!


SIMPLIFY: Choose your basic cleanser, toner and moisturiser from a Natural Range of products that contains no chemical additives to them. Everything else is dressing, as no cream or lotion will change the test of time.

DETOXIFICATION: Stay beautiful inside and out by being healthy. It is the body’s natural, ongoing process of neutralizing or eliminating toxins from the body and your skin. Toxins (anything that can potentially harm body tissue) is transformed chemically to less harmful compounds and excreted via stools or urine. Sources of toxins include those produced in the body during normal functions, such as ammonia produced during the breakdown of protein, and chemicals such as pesticides, household cleaners, food additives, drugs, pollution, cigarette smoke, and heavy metals like lead that enter the body when we ingest or inhale them.

DIET AND EXERCISE: Your body is a wonderfully programmed machine that requires the right fuel to function, stay healthy and glow from the inside out. Changing your lifestyle of fuel in eating healthy and nourishing living foods will go a long way to improving your skin and its health. Working up a good sweat keeps nutrient-carrying blood circulating throughout your body, energising it and assisting in the slowing down of aging.

WATER INTAKE: Drinking 6-8 glasses of excellent quality water per day assures your body will flush out any toxins that might otherwise show up in your skin. Scientific tests have shown a volunteer, drinking 2 litres of water per day for 3 months, dropping 10 years off her looks and improving her overhaul weight by 3kgs. Hydration has proven to be the golden key to glowing, young and fresh looking skin.

PACKAGING: Make sure you beauty products are packaged in eco friendly packaging, not only to assist in saving the environment but your skin as well. Many skin care products are packaged in fancy colourful elegant containers, without the hidden dangers being very apparent. Aluminium jars, unhealthy plastic containers (HDPE Plastic is the best) and colorants can leach into your products from the packaging. Be aware of recycled containers as many manufacturers will use harmful plastics and by products in the process of making their containers. Recycling is just another term for junk revamped. These containers can leach lead, cadmium and di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, known to be carcinogenic into your products. Another by product of a lot of packaging is petroleum , which is actually by products from a specific manufacturing process and then have been recycled to be made into something else, most often at the expensive of ones health. Once again simple is far more healthy to your body.

SAY NO TO FRAGRANCE: Artificial fragrances are just that artificial and can originate from a myriad of very suspect areas of industry. Most artificial fragrances will contain phthalates, which trigger allergic reactions and many health problems. Everyone wants to smell good, but this can be done in a very natural, healthy way using pure essential oils. The smells are different and so take a while to get used to, but THEY ARE HEALTHY, and hold healing qualities for the body, skin and mind.


  • 1.82 kg’s. The average amount of lipstick a woman will ingest over her lifetime-
  • 20% of personal care products that contain at least one chemical linked scientifically to cancer
  • 22% of cosmetics contaminated with possible cancer-causing impurity dioxane
  • 160 Billion rand annually spent on skin and hair care products, makeup and cosmetics that contain chemicals known or unknown.
  • 20kg of skin lotions are consumed in a person’s life time.
  • 10kg of cleansing agents used in a woman’s lifetime
  • Many people will expect a product to deliver immediate effects without looking at the additional safe and healthy ways of improving their beauty naturally.

Natural Products, without ARTIFICAL fragrance might take awhile to get accustom too, but just imagine the benefits of reducing your chemical intake dramatically by choosing NATURAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS.

Using natural lotions to feed and nourish the skin is a very effective way of dealing with this. The ingredients in our formulation, penetrates deep within the epidermis layer, encouraging tissue cell regeneration and softening of the skin. Antioxidants and antimicrobial qualities ensure protection and blood circulation is stimulated bringing a beautiful glow to the skin. Contains; Bees wax, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Grape Fruit, Apricot Kernel, Wheat Germ, Rosehip, Vit E and Lavender oils.


Rejuvilift Mousse has been specially formulated using the purest natural ingredients possible. The selected oils have been chosen to assist your body in naturally rejuvenating its ability to breakdown toxins under the skin and revitalising it. This Mousse protects and repairs the skin from aging effects by nourishing and boosting its own natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. With its renewing properties and ability to repair damaged skin, Rejuvilift will also replenish the skins natural moisture without causing pores to clog up.
Contains Pure beeswax, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Witch Hazel, Rosehip, Grape Seed, Rosemary, Vit E Oil and Moringa Oil


This cream is a synchronized blend of oils that feed, nourish, moisturise and repair the skin while you sleep. Conditions like cellulite, stretch marks and scarring are greatly improved by using these rich oils to heal and repair your skin deep into the epidermis layers by oxygenating and reviving the skin. Its formulation has added collagen compounds to reduce scarring. Contains: Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Coconut, Rosehip , Vit E, Lavender, Grapefruit , Cypress, Rosemary, Geranium Oils and cornstarch. Preferably use after a shower to ensure pores are open. Apply once in the evening for deep nourishing results. Even better results can be achieved by body brushing prior to application.

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