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When purchasing any of our products you can be assured and have confidence that you are consuming safe and effective health products. The highest standards are ensured and maintained in the manufacturing of all our products.

The following is just a sample of the strict guidelines being followed without giving away to many secrets. 🙂


  • All raw herbs have COA’s (Certificates of analyzing) to ensure purity and that raw materials are clean.
  • Raw Herbs are Zapped prior to production killing any microorganisms that may be present before the manufacturing process.
  • No Metals, solvents or colorants are used in the manufacturing process or in the lab.
  • All Plastic containers are HDPE that do not leach chemicals.
  • All containers are Ozonated before use for hygiene This eliminate any microorganisms that may have contaminated the containers before a riving at the lab.
  • All capsules once made are Ozonated before bottling.
  • Own manufactured soap is used in the lab to ensure purity. No other outside soaps or chemicals are used in the lab to ensure no cross contamination from outside chemicals etc.
  • ONLY self made skin Sanitizer is used in the lab.
  • No Animal testing is performed with our products.
  • All products are manufactured to Dr Hulda Clark Protocols, SOP and GMP are followed.
  • The final products are all Zapped in their containers before leaving the lab to ensure hygiene and safety.
  • All completed products are kept in cool dark storage to maintain the integrit
  • Only the purest alcohol is use in all our tinctures.
  • Distilled pure water is used in all products that require water.
  • Strict Lab sanitation is maintained with protective clothing, masks,shoes and gloves.

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